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My expertise

As a Foot Health Practitioner I am qualified to carry out essential foot care, which includes cutting and filing toe nails, treating corns and calluses, advising on and helping to manage fungal nail infections and carrying out general check-ups on feet.

Additionally, I provide foot care services to individuals with diabetes by assessing their feet for any changes in condition, ensuring that diabetic ulcers don’t develop and by making sure their toe nails are correctly cut.

Since 2003 I have been providing the following range of services:

Nail Trimming

Many people will have an ingrown toe nail at some point in their lives, but using the right technique to cut your toe nails can help prevent this problem.

I use a combination of nail clippers and nail files to keep your toe nails in great condition and I also take care of the rest of your foot, too.

Corn, Hard Skin & Callus Removal

For larger corns and calluses, the most effective way to reduce them is with a surgical blade, which I am fully trained to use to remove the dead skin.

The procedure is totally painless because the skin is already dead.

Diabetic Foot Care

It’s especially important to look after your feet if you have diabetes. Here are my tips for taking care of your feet.

Keep your feet clean and free from infection, and wear shoes that fit well (helps to avoid corns, calluses, ulcers and nail problems).

Don’t walk barefoot, especially in the garden or on the beach, to avoid cuts and avoid sitting with your legs crossed so you don’t constrict your blood circulation. You should have your toe nails cut regularly and always get corns or hard skin treated.

Treating Verrucas

A verruca is a wart on the foot caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, which commonly occur on the soles of the feet and toes. Verrucas are contagious and are difficult to treat.

Paring away the verruca with a blade and applying a plaster helps to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight the infection.

General Foot Maintenance

Our feet go through a lot, which is why it’s important to care for them from birth and throughout each phase of your life, whether you’re a sportsperson, a busy parent, a hard working professional or if you’re enjoying retirement.

I am on hand to keep your feet healthy and feeling great, so that you can enjoy life to the full. If you are experiencing any issues, no matter how unimportant it feels, it’s always worth getting things checked out sooner, rather than later, especially if you do suffer with diabetes.

Customer feedback

Here is a selection of feedback from some of my valued customers.

Rachel has helped to resolve a long-term foot problem that wasn’t improving until she started treating me.

I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone who is having problems with their feet.


I see Rachel every six week. She keeps my feet comfortable by trimming my nails and managing my corns as I am unable to do them myself. I enjoy her visits as she is friendly yet professional.


I’m a postman and walk about 9 to 12 miles a day and have my feet looked after by Mrs Haslam – absolutely the best.


Rachel has looked after our feet very well for several years. We have found her to be highly professional and very pleasant. She is always punctual and has recently observed the COVID-19  regulations, making us feel secure.

Peter & Liz